CCTV Video

What is the Difference for
starts we only use name brand
components from companies
you know and trust, such as
Intel, Seagate, AVerMedia,
Western Digital, Kingston, and
GeoVision. We do not use
cheap or substandard parts.

The system tested for a 24
hour period time a quality
control check
is performed
at the end of period when we
are done you are ready to go
and fully configured.

Web videos or Internet videos are attention grabbing marketing presentations that are directed at the emotions of the viewer. These dynamic video presentations include eye-catching animation and video, as well as quality music and voice-overs. Specifically created for watching over the Internet and is made with the short attention span of web viewers in mind. Similar to a commercial but  more cost effective and will reach your  targeted viewers.  The web video can be uploaded onto your website, and even more importantly uploaded to YouTube, Google Video and other or the site of your choice.

Market your products through your website or on YouTube and other web video sites to viewers effectively, use waiting time at your office to inform clients about products and services with a video directly from your web site, promotion for your business 24/7. You can draw people into your site and improving  search engine visibility and your get marketing results.

We'll increase your online presence by using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other new trends in technology.

CCTV Video

The success to any security system: Quality Digital Video Recorder (DVRs) and Network Video Recorders (NVR).

If you are interesting in installing a large or small system & need maximum flexibility & performance, you may want to look into our PC-Based DVRs. Standalone DVRs are a better choice for applications that do not require as much scalability or flexibility & are more cost-effective. Network Video Recorders perform similar functions as a DVR, however, they are designed to work with IP cameras only.

We support local Monitoring, Recording, Playback, Backup and remote workstation access. Network together with other eDVRís to create one digital video recording network that can be access from any LAN/WAN of your choice.

Customer Service
We're a team with customer service expertise in security, surveillance and networking. We employ the latest, innovative technologies to meet your surveillance and security needs.

We offer audio, web and video conferencing solutions for effective business communications. Our integrated web, audio and video conferencing makes web meetings, webinars, audio conferencing and. By providing more product options and proven platforms, supported by more personal attention, we help you to create better connections. We offer the most reliable and simplistic communication services to build stronger relationships with partners and customers
to achieve business objectives. For small, collaborative, everyday audio and web conferences to large-scale, high-profile online events, one-stop-shop for all communication needs.

IP security cameras and IP video servers are connected to an IP network using an Ethernet connection CAT-5 -CAT-6 cable. IP cameras and video servers have built in web servers so that the surveillance video that they transmit can be viewed directly from the camera over the Internet using a web browser, such as Explorer or Safari. There is no need for a DVR or video capture card in order to broadcast the surveillance video over the Internet. IP video servers, also known as network video servers turn any CCTV camera (with a standard BNC output) into an IP based network camera (Ethernet output).
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