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Practice Philosophy

D’Tech Group, recognizes that its most important product is a prompt and effective service of the highest quality. All efforts are directed towards achieving this goal. We believe that we can serve your organization in a manner that would meet your satisfaction. The highest level of skills available would be brought to bear on the servicing of your needs.

We are a local technology consulting and service company, composed by an experienced computer specialist and its support group with a diversity of experience in personal and business computers, networks (LAN/WAN), web page design, education, and communications. We provide a full array of professional services including technical support, trainings, and tutorials, cabling, and computer/server repairs.

It is a basic philosophy of the firm that the services to each client based upon substantive knowledge of the industry of which is its part and believes that this understanding of the client and its industry is of vital importance in rendering constructive services carrying out assignments in an effective manner.  We believe in creating independent clients that can learn how to deal later on with their needs, without depending on other companies to provide a service they can do on their own.


For completing our goal of creating independent clients, we must ensure that they will have the appropriate skills and tools for doing their everyday by their own.  We develop custom trainings on-site for our client’s needs, so they will have the necessary information for start working right away, without wasting valuable time. 

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